It’s time for you to have what all your heroes have – GREAT BRANDING.   


As a branding expert, one of the first things I tell my clients is "You don't need more talent - we just have to get you better branding!"

Because more often than not, branding is the #1 problem holding you back in your career, and you might not even know it. 

Without premium branding, you can seriously be the best coach in the world, but you won’t get noticed. You won’t be able to charge premium rates. And you won’t know why all those other Coaches are blowing up and popping champagne on your Instagram feed while you’re hearing crickets…

But I’ll let you in on the answer: 
Anyone who is currently making a strong impact on the world also has strong branding to back them up. And just to be clear, your branding is not your logo. Your branding is the powerful combination of your identity, your messaging, your story, your mission, and the energy that only YOU can bring to this world! 

Hi, I’m Carole Kennelly -- I’m a mama of two kiddos, I’m the Founder of Iconic Brand Studio

 And I help Coaches like you to radically upgrade your branding, so you can step up and stand shoulder to shoulder with the heroes of your industry.  

For starters, I’ve been involved in branding my entire life,

starting with rebranding my parent’s hospitality business for them while I was still in my 20’s. My branding reinvention quickly transformed their company from an outdated operation to a modern 7-figure success. I sold my shares when I became a mama and I’ve been working with my own clients ever since.

I’ve worked with 7 figure companies,

I’ve built, branded and sold my own women’s fashion line, and I even rebranded the Santa Barbra visitor’s center -- which increased their revenue by multiple 6-figures. 

Hey -- I can even turn a ceramics business into a MULTI 6-figure enterprise..!

When you hear the word “ceramics” you don’t normally think “money!” but I built and branded my husband’s ceramics company into multi 6-figure success! His brand, Mayware ceramics now sells to high-end, luxury boutiques all over the country.  

And within the VERY FIRST YEAR, I built my branding company for Coaches into a 6-FIGURE success 

And signed 48 clients. (During a PANDEMIC no less. So yes, I believe anything is possible for you -- no matter the circumstances!)

Maybe you’re wondering how I’m qualified to help you…

“Carole Kennelly is a branding GENIUS. She makes you realize that anything truly is possible.”

-Carly Otness, Editorial Fashion Photographer

And most of all, I’m proud to have done all this while still being a stay-at-home mom.

The only way for my kids to know they can be and do anything in their world is by first showing them a model of what that looks like. I want them to one day remember me and my life as being someone who was a badass who believed in the magic and power of every person, and that I dedicated my life to helping women change the world.

I love creating iconic brands for revolutionaries like you. 

Coaches like you are my DREAM CLIENTS – because you ARE the revolutionaries and changemakers of our time. You’re here to change the world, and I’m here to give you branding that will help you do it. 

“You might look at another person’s success and call it LUCK...

I call it                    .” 

(-Hafiz. Just kidding, that’s me, Carole Kennelly)


Yep, my Iconic Brand process is different from the rest… 

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I build your brand around who you’re BECOMING…
Not around who you’ve been or who others have told you you’re supposed to be. Other conventional agencies focus on chasing trends, chasing clients, and trying to get you to be who they *think* your audience wants. I reject all of that. 

I’ll create a brand for you that’s extremely authentic. (AND extremely successful.) 
My specialty is reinventing your brand from the INSIDE OUT. We start at the CORE level and find out who you’re meant to become. And then I give you the tools to become that next-level version of yourself – both in your brand AND in your real life. My process is holistic, and will give you personal support, every step of the way.  

You don’t have to FEEL like an ICON…YET.
My branding process will help you DISCOVER the Icon inside yourself.

P.S. I have a secret history that shaped my life…

I used to be an actress…in fact, I started acting professionally at age 11 when I showed up to our local theater and begged them to take my resume (a resume?! At age 11?! Can you imagine??) 

Yes I was determined to be an actress, but I also had terrible stage fright at times. I remember a night I was shaking so bad before I went on stage – I was convinced that I had been miscast as the character I was playing. I was gonna fail and I couldn’t do it and I wanted to throw up. But something wild happened that night that changed my life. When the curtain went up, a part of me just woke up. A part of my power stepped forward, I lifted my chin up, and gave an emotional tour de force performance that night I will never forget. That part of me had been there ALL along, but I just hadn’t known it. 

And that’s why I want to say to you, my friend: 


No matter what the first act of your life has been….

The second act of your life is whatever you want it to be.


And let’s create your Iconic identity.  

“You were born naked. Everything else is drag!”

At age 7 I got a job working at the cash register in my parent’s gift shop. At age 10 I bought myself a horse. 

Yep! I pushed those cash register buttons for three years and saved up enough money to get my ultimate dream. I believed in reaching for your dreams back then, and nothing has changed. #tinygirlboss 

I started a controversy in college. And the Vatican got involved. 

I started a protest at my college when The Vagina Monolgues was banned. Eve Ensler and her entire team came to watch MY PRODUCTION of The Vagina Monolgues, and said it was the most creative performance they’d seen of their script (surreal!!). The Vatican tried to shut it down. And then to make it even more surreal, Eve gave me a scholarship to her Women in Power conference where I got to be in the same room as Maya Angelou, Gloria Steinhem, Jane Fonda and so many more of my own personal heroes! That was a massive “spark” in my timeline when I realized I had a calling to empower other women. 

I love staying up too late to sit by the fire and look at the stars. 

I’m committed to being imperfect. And doing it anyway. 

The number one thing I’ve had to overcome is my own inner critic and my own perfectionism. One of my mentors once said to me “start before you’re ready” and that was the most powerful advice I ever heard. Because of that I launched my brand agency for coaches in 2020. I wasn’t ready. It wasn’t perfect. And yet, it helped scores of women jumpstart their coaching businesses. Just keep going!  

I miss live music during these covid times! 

I get called Bad Mamajama downtown, because I once wore a gold jumpsuit for mom’s night out…

Hey I had two kids under the age of two, and this was my first night away from them, EVER. So I wore a fab gold jumpsuit and killed my rendition of Bobby McGee at Karaoke. I’m not gonna lie, I was definitely on fire, and the local ladies will never let me live it down.  

I grew up in a town where there was a gun shoot-out every night at 6pm. (Yep) 

I grew up in a tiny cowboy town that was like Tombstone – seriously. So every night there was a gunshot reenactment for tourists, and you could hear the gun shots while you were doing your homework. 

I love branding, but I hate how it’s often done backward.

Meaning, focused on trying to figure out what an audience wants you to be, versus building a brand from an authentic core of who YOU ARE! I founded my branding agency to change this, and I’m committing to building brands from the inside out. 

I love watching my kids go nuts at the beach. 

I was a Psychology and Theatre double major, with a minor in Gender Studies. 

Aka the person you’d expect to grow up and build empowering brands for women.


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